November 16, 2010

01. “Three Notes for Hallows’ Eve” by Andrew Quitter

02. “October 9, 2010 (mix/edit)” by Action Sound Painting Orchestra

03. untitled piece by aslis

04. “Undressed Skull” by Travis Johnson

05. “Twelve Desires” by Tracy Widdess

06. “Adult Elder” by Decoy Jews

07. “Hex” by Cryptids

08. “10310e” by Vanessa Rossetto

09. “Edison’s Optical Phonograph” by Dan Reaves

10. untitled piece by aslis with Dave Brown

11. “Parakeet Prolapse” by Half an Abortion

12. “The Anti-Everything” by Wm. M. Berger

13. “HH” by BC

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01. “Resurrection”

02. “Blowing a Hole in the Sea”

03. “Red Eyes and False Moons” (with Travis Johnson and Cole Lee)

04. “Rising Tides Will Wait”

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September 19, 2010

01. “Silver Seed Panspermia” by Rob Michalchuk

02. improvisation for Sidrassi Organ by Travis Johnson

03. “Ego Minus Total Love” by Rubbish

04. “Vama Marga” by CM

05. “Engulfed Motordick” by Nodolby

06. “Radiolarian” by aslis

07. “June 9, 1980 (Revisited)” by Jamison Williams

08. “Acid Condom” by Doornen

09. “Masquerading the Broken Headdress” by Rob Michalchuk

10. “Spasm Trap” by Andreas Brandal

11. “Precious Trombley” excerpt by Knox Mitchell

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